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Clarke use the very best in state-of- the-art technology, machinery andvehicles to keep our servicesahead of the field.
Clarke is a family business based on old-fashioned values of safety, excellent customer service, integrity and reliability.
Clarke are specialists in transporting hazardous goods. Clarke deliver for some of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals.


Congratulations kylie walker!

Congratulations to Kylie Walker winner of the LET German Open and in some style.

Kylie tells us  "I am pleased to inform you I won the...

Congratulations kylie walker!

We are pleased to announce that Kylie Walker has just won her 1st major competition maybe our sponsorship will help prove lucky for her....

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Look who came to visit!

Look who came to visit our Manchester depot last night, if he was looking for helpers we've got a Dopey a Sleepy not to mention a few others. This delivery was on route to Legoland, anyone...

Welcome baby clarke


Well it’s hardly World Cup fever here but a recent visitor did say “you guys must be sport mad as I expected pictures of trucks everywhere in your offices yet the...