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Clarke Transport sponsor OMS race car driver Colin Graham

16th April 2018

When Clarke Transport decided to sponsor OMS race car driver Colin Graham, they wanted his car to have a sharp new look for 2018 race season.

So, who is Colin Graham and just what is OMS Racing, we hear you cry? 

Colin Graham has been driving trucks across the length and breadth of Scotland for Clarke Transport for 2 years, but his passion for driving goes back further. In 2000 he started rally driving, before switching to racing a single-seater OMS race car in 2011. He now competes in Hill climbing and Sprinting championships, known as speed events, racing against the clock to complete both uphill and flat tarmac courses. “Based on their engine size, cars are split into classes for each race - my OMS model falls into the 600-1100cc class,” Colin explained. “The adrenaline is like nothing else; compared to rally cars there’s so much more power from the engine. It’s a real rush.”

Last year, Derek attended the Doune Hill climb event in which Colin was set to race. “Having been a motorsport fan for some time, seeing one of Clarke’s own drivers compete was a fantastic experience,” Derek said of the race. “That’s when the idea of sponsorship occurred to me, and how it could be great opportunity to raise the profile of Clarke Transport.” 

As part of the sponsorship, Colin’s car needed an all new vehicle wrap; the design of which had to be completely bespoke to fit the distinctive shape of the car and incorporate Clarke Transport’s show-stopping brand colours - yellow and blue.

 “We wanted the car to represent our brand properly and appeal to our customers, and as it’s our first entry into the world of motorsport the car absolutely had to look right,” said Derek.

The finished car will be racing in both hill climb and sprint championships in Scotland and England, and there are plans to organise race days for Clarke Transport employees that want to watch Colin race. “Everyone’s very supportive,” explained Colin. “Lots of the guys are into cars so they enjoy watching the races. It’s great that Clarkes are so keen to get on board.”

“Clarkes is very employee oriented and we love to get the staff involved,” said Derek. “The Clarke family themselves even attend important personal events like weddings - it is like one big family really, so sponsoring one of our own makes a lot of sense.”

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