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Overseas mission - world made flesh and chilli children - update

3rd December 2017

Thanks to all who supported the mission trips through donations via the Lollies and Walk to Work, both trips resulted in much good work being done. In Moldova, Oliver and two others completed a kids play area complete with swings, a slide and a climbing frame. They then returned to Romania to start the foundations for a new large shed, and Oliver installed five refurbished ex-Clarke's computers. These five replaced PCs that were even older. A link to a video for the Romania/Moldova trips will follow.

Over the two weeks in Uganda, Oliver, Ellie and the team worked with a local construction team in building a new physiotherapy centre for kids with disabilities and special needs. They were able to progress the building so far, that they were almost left jobless as the insurance couldn’t cover them for working at heights. It’s expected that the building will be completed on schedule during the November team, when Ellie will be back out for a couple of weeks.

Ian from the Uganda team has put together a really good video showing the various other initiatives they visited over the two weeks, including but not limited to; a local prison, a school where they were able to fund a school trip, two young brothers who have been left parentless and are being supported by Mosaic Vision, a project helping vulnerable young women to get training, a special needs school and finally an afternoon with the Chilli Children project, who support families with children with disabilities and special needs. View the video on Vimeo; HERE 

If you would like to know more about any of the organisations mentioned, they can be found on google them or contact Oliver at oliver.deeks@clarketransport.co.uk and he can point you in the right direction.

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