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Fuel Escalator: £1.03 15/12/2018


5th March 2018

We started moving freight to the final mile delivery depots on Sunday 4th of March 2018 as soon as we had a break in the weather.

Please be aware, these storms have affected every region in the UK and we would anticipate that it will take several days to clear the backlog. It is also worth mentioning that whilst we are back on the road today, many delivery points will only be opening for the first time since the middle of last week, and will no doubt have their own yards to clear prior to attempting to offload any vehicles obviously creating further challenges.

These circumstances are something beyond our control. We are a multi-user network and all our customers are important to us, we cannot double the capacity of vehicles, staff and warehouses overnight. We can only collect each day a certain volume, by collecting more freight than we can realistically process in one night we will create further problems during the week causing more delays. 

We will be working systematically through the backlog of deliveries that have already built up through last week. It is also important to us to get delivery schedules back on track at the earliest opportunities and we thank our customers for their understanding.   

Kind regards

Bill Clarke & Robert Clarke Snr 


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